La Peira

After a successful career in music, Australian-born-London-based Rob Dougan turned his attention to the grape and with a formidable winemaker, Jeremie Depierre, he’s produced some of the best Languedoc wines of the last decade. The two parcels of land that Rob and his wife purchased in 2004 lie close to one another on a terrace of beautifully drained glacial gravels in the Terrasses du Larzac. The wines are consistently fantastic vintage-to-vintage, which is why La Pèira is dubbed a “First Growth” of Southern France. Andrew Jefford wrote: “La Pèira has produced great wines, the kind of wines that can jolt consumers’ perceptions of the Languedoc and can rival the best from Bordeaux and the Rhône.” Robert Parker’s report, The Best of in the Worst of Times, also highly praises the second wine: “This puts me in mind of a great Pomerol.”